Iron Man and War Machine Motorcycle Helmets

If you’ve ever been on a motorcycle, you understand the importance of wearing a helmet, as it’s quite a dangerous experience. It’s also exhilirating and makes you feel badass, so why not have a helmet to match that mood?

YouTube user tigerpause444 no doubt agrees, as he’s designed his own custom motorcycle helmet based on the helmet of popular comic book character Iron Man. Tragically, one blogger points out that this helmet likely doesn’t meet DoT standards and therefore is not guaranteed to protect your fragile, human skull in the case of an accident. It does, however, meet my standards and therefore is guaranteed to make you look cool as hell.

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

The detail is pretty fantastic, with a perfect red and gold paint job. The only flaw, which the designer points out, is that the bridge separating the ‘eye holes’ had to be removed for visibility reasons which makes it look slightly less “Iron Man”. If it’s any consolation, it does make the helmet look slightly more “Daft Punk”. Iron Man isn’t just his pretty armor; the character is popular because said armor does lots of cool things. The visor/shield beneath the mask can be flipped up with the push of a button, giving you a better view through the helmet but also putting you at risk of getting dust, bugs, and other things in your eyes. If that’s the case, there’s a slider bar in back which will bring the shield right back down. Also beneath the visor are two blue LEDs which light up at the push of a different button, which also triggers an “I am Iron Man” sound byte.

War Machine Motorcycle Helmet

As amazing as that is, the designer couldn’t help but create a War Machine helmet to go with it. Iron Man’s buddy is captured just as amazingly, if less flashy, in silver and black paint. The War Machine helmet features the same eye shield but no LEDs or voice, and the bridge between the eyes remains intact unlike Iron Man’s. For some related fun, don’t miss our articles on the Iron Man LEGO Figure or this Steampunk Iron Man Armor.