Iron Man Collides With Lego to Create One Cool Toy

Time and again we come across fascinating creations contributed by LEGO fans across the globe. These creations are from across various categories like automobiles, animals, and fictional characters. One such LEGO fan has come up with an amazing 55 cm tall Iron Man figure.

Alex Schranz, screen name Orion Pax, has recently uploaded photographs of his LEGO Iron Man which has looks very similar to the one you see in films. Colors are very wisely chosen to give exact resembles to the original figure. LEGO offers the facility of picking and choosing the required blocks for every creation and Alex has made optimum use of it. The pieces are intelligently selected to portray every feature of the figure. Thoughts that have gone into shaping the face, body, boots, hands, and muscles are clearly reflected in every segment of the creation.

A self review always helps and this is what helped Alex improve upon his figure. If you compare his photos of the Iron Man uploaded initially and the ones he uploaded later you will find a difference in the forearm. On going back to his figure he realized that he could modify the ratio of the forearm. By simply adding one extra stud he brought about a marked difference in the looks. Another thing that added to the magnificence of the creation was the angle from which the photo was taken. The low angle shot gives a majestic look to this superhero.

This LEGO figure carries an added bonus with it. There is a small light bulb on the chest which actually works. That sure is a remarkable feature that Alex has managed to incorporate in here.

The character of Iron Man is a much loved one among both children and adults. The movie was loved by all and to take the character straight into every home action figures were launched. Being a superhero, children adore his action figures. To some extent the same can be said to be true for adults, the only difference being that adults take to creating their very own figures of their favorite character. And LEGO is an excellent medium for doing this.

LEGO may be classified in the toy category but the age group it caters to has a wide range. Or shall we say there is no limitation for age. It can be great fun for a three year old and equally entertaining for a 40 year old. This can be clearly seen in this marvelous creation done by Alex Schranz.

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Via: Flickr