Bedding Brings Monsters to Bed

The story that we all believed in, that there are monsters under the bed started to come true when we grew up and started letting people sleep in our beds.

While that may sound incredibly rude to ex-lovers, that was the first thing which came to my mind when I took a look at the “It’s Alive Bedding“. The sheets have scary hands written all over the hem and it looks as if the monsters are going to get the person that would have the misfortune of sleeping in this bed. One could also choose to buy the optional pillow case that looks as if it is splattered with blood after a gruesome murder took place. The stains of blood, the menacing hand paintings and the very fact that you choose to get such a bed in the first place would render your chances of getting laid very less.

However, if your potential dates are crazy about zombies, werewolves or even just pure violence, they might like the idea of sleeping with you in this bed. It is said that when we grow up we start letting those monsters in our bed, and perhaps this bed sheet just tries to show how true that actually is. On the other hand, if you don’t like getting laid and want to turn off your dates, you could show them your bed and they wouldn’t possibly want to spend the night with you afterwards. It costs $36 and could be a great way to tell everyone how much you love your monsters and evil creatures.

Alternatively, you could also use these sheets and bedding in one of the guest rooms, if you are not feeling very hospitable for a certain houseguest. You could also take a look at this weird Papercraft NES Monster, which is not very scary anyway. If you like grossing people out instead of scaring them, cook one of these Bizarre Chinese Delicacies for dinner.