French Papercraft NES Monster

This French NES papercraft monster has risen up, demanding to be fed NES cartridges.

Alexis Huret, aka Kekli, came up with the menacing retro design, named the K.A.C.M. monster. The classic-style NES monster’s teeth are covered in blood, perhaps because other people refused to feed it the cartridges it demanded, or perhaps because they hadn’t been blown on properly beforehand, or perhaps they actually have blood in them. Apparently, NES cartridges aren’t kosher/halal.

NES Monster

(By the way, blowing on an NES cartridge in order to get it to work is a bad idea, because the small amount of water in your breath corrodes the contacts even more than they already are. Nintendo screwed up trying to make the original system work like a VCR.)

Close up of NES monster

rear of NES Monster

The cartridge door opens up to reveal the monster’s fearsome teeth. For such a scary creature, this guy’s also get some pretty sweet kicks, as well as the classic controllers for arms.

The best part is that you can print it out and assemble your own NES monster. Sure, the link’s in French, the directions are pretty self-explanatory. Just just cut out the pieces and fold.

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