Laser-Cut Timey Wimey TARDIS Clock

While the real TARDIS can only be controlled by The Doctor, the rest of us can indulge ourselves by measuring the time with the laser-cut Timey Wimey TARDIS clock.

Amber Whitney, the designer of this watch, is an avid Whovian, and the store she runs on Etsy is living proof of this fact. Her creations there are divided into 3 categories: Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, with the first two taking up the most “shelf space”. The design of the following clock is based on the TARDIS, but Amber tried as much as she could to make it look unique. Truth be told, it is quite far from the original, as the doors and the windows are not distinguishable and the sign on the door is nowhere to be seen. Will the rest of the Whovians be upset that the design went through such radical changes and basically only the silhouette and the color coincide? I really don’t think so.

The metallic gold wood that can be seen through the laser-cut spaces, combined with the blue color of the TARDIS and the shape of the cuts made me think of the Exploding TARDIS that Vincent van Gogh painted in the 5th series of New Who. The clock measures 8 inches and is painted by hand. However, it is the owners duty to assemble the clock. All the necessary pieces, along with very detailed instructions are provided. When Whovians finish assembling the clock, they can hang it on the wall by using the included back wall hanger.

As much as I would have liked to see a purely mechanical movement, this clock features a quartz one that is powered by a single AA battery. The laser cuts are precise, but other than that, there may be some imperfections in the design. Since it is handmade, that is totally understandable and will in fact be appreciated by many Whovians.

The Timey Whimey TARDIS clock was available for purchase on Etsy for $42. However, the item was sold and it is unknown whether Amber Whitney will make more of these.

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