iTypewriter: Bring a Retro Feel to Your iPad

It seems that we are always in the run for the next futuristic gadget we can find, whether it’s a laser operated keyboard or a touch keyboard, but you know, sometimes its nice to “go back” and give to a modern device a retro look.

Using this iTypewriter you can do just that while making typing on your iPad a bit easier and faster. This typewriter was created by Austin Yang to do just that, bring us back in time while looking chic.

To be honest at first I thought that this typewriter will connect to the iPad in an app thing sort of way so you press the key letters and type, but after watching the video you are literally typing on your iPad. I must admit that I’m a bit startled by its execution since in the end in order to type you are banging the screen with the keynotes, not sure I would do it for my iPad, would you?

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