The Hydraulic Typewriter Converts Words Into Drinks

“I am the last barman poet./I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make./Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake./The sex on the beach, the schnapps made from peach,/The Velvet Hammer,/the Al-La-Bam-A Slam-a!”

Move over Tom Cruise, your rein of being the coolest bartender is over. Granted, the Hydraulic typewriter may be as short as you, but at least it doesn’t spout cheesy poems and resort to schmaltzy theatrics. So what does a typewriter have to do with making cocktails? Well, a whole lot since, after all cocktails are a mesh of art and alchemy.

The innovative Hydraulic typewriter is the brainchild of Morskoiboy who wants words to be converted into cocktails (his own way of paying tribute to Hemingway?). The cocktail machine is equipped with buttons that pumps alcohol and other mixes through the transparent tubes straight into your glass.

The typewriter features 26 slots for 26 bottles, which mean all the letters of the alphabet are covered, and a total of 136 tubules are inside, equaling to a total of 30 meters. Each key is connected to a syringe, which contains different kinds of colored syrups and liqueurs. One just has to press the key and this results in the syringe’s contents into a splitter, which in turn is routed through the tubes. This is then mixed with the alcohol from the bottle, and the final mix can be accessed via the tap, which is located on the side of the typewriter. The typewriter also has been equipped with regulators, which are necessary to control the speed of the syrup.

The Hydraulic typewriter takes the art of mixology to a whole new level, but it is unlikely that you will come across it in your neighborhood bar. In fact, according to its inventor Morskoiboy, the typewriter still is a work in progress and strictly a prototype. Morskoiboy admits that the product is far from prefect and it can become quite a pain to disassemble and assemble it again to clean it. But, all is not lost and never underestimate man’s ardent love for alcohol, as Morskoiboy is working hard on it, to make it perfect.

We can’t help wonder how would ‘Walyou’ taste like and do watch the video below, which explains the process throughly.