Never Leave Home Without it – iWALK’s Power Cases for Galaxy S3

Your smartphone’s best friend is without a doubt its case. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you have, when it comes to choosing a case for your phone (whether it is to protect it or just to make it more appealing), the wide array of choices seems to be endless.

I personally just love the two-in-one case, meaning a case which not only protects your phone but also gives it an added value. It can be a camera case,a water proof case or, like this, an awesome power case. The most annoying thing about our smartphones are its live battery: when you buy it, at first the battery seems to be strong, but after a few months you’ll notice that unless you have a charger in hand all the time, you can find yourself hearing the beeping sound of the battery running low, leaving you without an option but to charge your phone.

The iWalk cases give you extra time when it comes to battery life. The fun part is, it’s that it really looks like a cool case, and not too bulky or heavy to hold. We tested out the iWALK’s Power Cases for Galaxy S3, in red, and to be honest we just loved it!

iWALK's Power Cases for Galaxy S31

Our first impression from the case was that it was very smooth to the touch and thin. When it comes to power cases, they are usually very thick but not the iWalk. It’s very easy to use it and it looks very slick on top of that. The iWALK’s Power Cases for Galaxy S3 Features:

  • Capacity, 2800mAh, lithium polymer battery
  • Designed not to interfere with the camera or charging port
  • LED battery life meter display
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Charge via Micro USB Port (Cable included)

How to use it?

Very easy to use as we’ve mentioned , you can use it as your default case keeping it at all times, or as a backup one, just open the head of the case

iWALK's Power Cases for Galaxy S32

After snapping the phone into the case, you have a small black switch on the right bottum of the case, just switch it on, you’ll see the blue light and your phone will start to charge it self , super easy. If you would like to use the iWalk case as your default case just switch on and off to charge or to be in stand by mode when your phone is fully charged.

iWALK's Power Cases for Galaxy S33

The case is available in 4 different and very slick colors, Red,Black, White and blue and retails for $64.99