A Hotel Entirely Made Out of Cake and Candies

When Hansel and Gretel walked through the gloomy forest, they were surprised to find a house that was made entirely of candies. Little did they know there was an evil witch waiting to gobble them up both.

cake hotel 1

The story somehow seems to have inspired Tate & Lyle Sugars, who recently created an entire hotel made out of cake. The hotel is located in the entertainment district of London, Soho, and took 14 artists more than 2,000 hours to bake it and a further 900 hours to decorate with 600 kilos of sugar.

cake hotel 2


The walls and windows are decked up in 2,000 macaroons and an exquisite rug that is made from 1,081 meringues waits for you to be gobbled up. The rug is even hand stitched and has an artistic element to it. Apart from these goodies, the hotel is also made of 20 kilos of marshmallow garlands, something that could drive a diabetic crazy with horror.

cake hotel 3

The windowsills are made from fudge and the bath is filled with caramel coated popcorn. If you are watching your sugar intake and trying to control your blood glucose level, you should be staying far away from this hotel. If you thought you liked reading books when you are in a hotel, they have sweet edible books that you can munch on when the reading gets boring.

cake hotel 4


To further spruce up the room, the enclosure contains a two meter-high Easter Island statue that is made from chocolate in its entirety. There are different rooms within the hotel and The Pirates of the Caribbean room features a treasure chest that is made with gold candies that you could eat to your heart’s content.

cake hotel 5

Tate & Lyle Sugars spokesman James Whiteley implores the guests to eat through the walls and windows of the hotel and go back and tell their friends the bizarre way they spent a night at the hotel. It is not clear to me how much you have to pay to stay there for a night, but I assume it is not going to be very affordable.