J.K Rowling Releasing Digital Copies of Potter On Pottermore Website

One of the most popular book franchises in the world will soon finally be available in the eBook format after years of waiting.  Pottermore will bring the Harry Potter series to your digital world.

Amazon doesn’t have them, Barnes and Noble doesn’t have them either.  Despite the fact that Google has been gaining on the “Big Two” when it comes to eBook readers, they don’t have them either.  “Them” being digital eBook copies of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  When Rowling cut her publishing deal, she was smart enough to also make sure that she had complete control over the digital rights of her hugely popular books as well.  Until very recently it seemed as though Rowling had no interest in actually offering the books on a digital format.

Finally, there is a light at the end of the digital tunnel as it has been announced that Rowling is launching her own website, aptly titled “Pottermore.”  Eventually, Rowling will be selling the digital copies of each and every Harry Potter novel on proprietary software that will be set up much the way Apple runs iTunes in that the orignal purchaser will be the only one who will have the rights to the digital copies they download.  According to sources, the eBooks will be available to read on just about every eBook that is out there, which will be a nice feat considering just how many eBook readers there are out there these days.

Of course, while there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is still pretty long.  According to the site itself the digital copies won’t be available until sometime in October (which seems pretty appropriate considering the series always seemed best set in a Halloweeny atmosphere) but fans of the site are able to submit their emails to the Pottermore site right now and they will be eligible to get more information on July 31st.

Besides the digital copies of the books, Rowling will be putting original content on the site such as background information about specific characters or places from the books. While the digital copies will cost some coin, the original content will supposedly be free to all visitors.