Jaeger vs. Jaeger: the USA and Japan battle with giant robots

American company Megabot has built a giant robot, and uploaded a video taunting rivals Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a battle royale. Learn all about it here!


This should be a sport. American company Megabot created a giant robot and asked Suidobashi heavy industry for a duel. Huge robots as in Real Steel (the Hugh Jackman movie) but controlled from the inside as in Pacific Rim will battle it out just like in classic anime.

Most of us grew up watching the likes of Robotech, Voltron or the EVAs from Evangelion, and have long fantasized about a time where we could see these giants up in action. The moment seems to be drawing closer as America and Japan get ready for the ultimate robot battle royale.

The fighters are Megabot’s Mk. II, which debuted at the Maker Faire Bay Area last May showing its might by standing on its own legs and destroying a car’s windows with paintball ammo. Everyone loved the demonstration, but something was missing. There’s no real challenge when fighting an old, immobile car, which led to the people behind it to the idea of issuing a challenge against their Japanese rivals – the people who know the most about giant robots in the entire world.

Debut of  the MK. II:


The original idea, as pitched by the MegaBots team said the challenge needed to take place in at least a year, so everyone had time to improve and optimize the challengers systems, but when the Japanese team at Kuratas responded and raised the bet, this took a different dimension: never mind the weapons, this will be a fist fight. As of now, neither date nor location have been confirmed, nor the rules themselves, but we’re about to see the first boxing match between giant robots from America and Japan. Matt Oehrlein, co-creator of the American Mk. II clarified that they are going to be modifying a lot of things before this fight, from armor to engines and several other things. Meanwhile, the Japanese team put it on hype terms: “¡PREPARE FOR BATTLE!”.

You can see what Suidobashi heavy industry replied via Youtube:

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