iPhone 6s: First leaked pictures!

Apple are not announcing anything officially yet, but some pictures have been making the rounds showing what the next iPhone series might look like. This new iPhone should be coming out in december, and although it seems to sport similar aesthetics, the inside seems completely beefed up.

iPhone 6s 1

Our colleagues at 9to5Mac have began showing the pictures of what will become either the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, succesor of the iPhone 6. This website is famous for this type of leaks and have a great track record, and these pictures would fit Apple’s timeline, but several outlets around the web are theorizing Apple themselves might have leaked these pictures.

When it comes to new features, the rumors claim this new iPhone, whatever its name might end up being, will feature the Force Touch technology which we already know from the latest MacBooks and the Apple Watch.

Depending on the strenght applied on each single touch of the screen or trackpad, the software might react differently. In the case of the Apple Watch, for example, a harder touch opes new options within the different apps.

The Force Touch integration might finally make the home button go away for good, finally sending the TouchID fingerprint reader to the screen itself.

iPhone 6s 2

When it comes to aesthetics, the first thing that stands out is that this device doesn’t seem to feature dual camera. Despite this, it is expected that Apple will use sensors to somehow improve the quality of each picture.

Another thing that remains is the classic Lightning connector. As opposed to other Apple products, it won’t use the much talked about USB-C, favoring the classic connector instead.

Different outlets across the web speculate that the iPhone 6s will feature the new A9 processors, and have 2 GB RAM to make these devices even faster. Furthermore, it seems they are also considering to incorporate 4G LTE to increase navigation speed, or at least enhance it.

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