Jellyfish in a Bottle

If you ever find yourself incredibly bored with an empty bottle and a plastic bag on hand, then it’s time you find the awesomeness that is Jellyfish in a Bottle.

As stated in a previous post, I love Dr. Pepper, so I have an abundance of empty two liter bottles in my recycle bin. I also have no life, so this project was perfect for me. I dug into my collection of plastic bags, looking at them longingly as I pictured all the adorable Asian babies I could carry around in them…

… and decided to put them to good use. Mostly as further distractions from future articles. It’s not that I don’t love writing, because I absolutely do. It’s just that I feel I should be older and wiser before imparting my knowledge to you, so I wait until the very last-minute. Sure, some might call this procrastination, but I call it my undying love for my readers. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I love jellyfish, so after looking around a bit, I found this awesome tutorial. I’m a girl who needs tutorials, otherwise everything turns into a giant ball of flames. Don’t ask me how, but it always seems to happen. So, I went to my kitchen, grabbed an empty bottle, scissors, thread and a plastic bag and went to work.

After cutting my plastic bag to look like a sad, sad squid, I filled it with water, popped it into my plastic bottle, added a little food coloring and voilà! I had a complete and utter mess. Apparently it would have been smart for me to make sure the bottle didn’t have any holes in it before filling it with dyed water and squeezing it. At least nothing caught fire.

If you aren’t completely arts-and-crafts impaired, then you can expect your end result to look like this:

They also have youtube video for people who hate to read. Don’t lie, you’re only here for the pictures, aren’t you? I knew it. Shame on you.