Darth Maul Pepsi Display

All over the world, people are being over worked and under paid. But instead of getting angry, these employees got creative.

As a writer for Walyou, I have to admit that I love soda. LOVE IT. It’s kind of sick really; people have coffee in the morning, I have a Dr. Pepper. So I’m always really excited when my love of soda is combined with my love of all things nerdy. You can imagine that I was thrilled when I saw this bad boy.

Let me first say this: I love Darth Maul. He is my favorite villain; between the creepy face, the awesome weapon and his strong, silent demeanor, he is everything I could ever want in a villain. You know, besides the whole being bisected thing. That kind of sucked.

So I was absolutely blown away by the Brisk display at one store¬†created to celebrate Star Wars Episode I. Not only is my favorite beverage included in his facial features, but he is thoroughly creepy. My only disappointment with the display is the ridiculousness of those horns. I’m not asking for perfection, I’m really not. I’m just asking that they don’t make it completely obvious that they glued empty Root Beer boxes together. Yes, they look pretty amazing, but I’m not believing for a second that Darth Maul is using the Force to keep those suckers up.