Recycling Revitalized Via NES

Luigi would definitely approve this message. Since he loves being green, that is. Remember that old NES your mom threw away because it was rotting your brain? There’s a chance it’s seeing new life in Benjamin Gaulo’s new video game hardware hacking art project.Recycling Entertainment System

Gaulo has hooked up six NES controllers to an Atmel Mega 16 chip (programmed with Basic) and a computer so midi tunes can be played using each controller thus making, the “RES”, Recycling Entertainment System. Every controller has a different instrument (including bass, synthesizer,voices/music/loops, etc.).  Jamming has a whole new meaning with this recycled idea, or should we say “button mashing”. Now anyone can be a video game music DJ. To see for yourself, check out the video below:

Gualo also revamped the NES logo and even a diagrammed button map for the device. The drums have all your favorites including tom-toms (press left and/or up), hi-hat (press A), snare drum (right), and the cymbal (B). There is also a map of the setup, from controllers, to NES, to Midi, to USB, to PC.

Controller Diagram

RES setup

To see what a jam session with this looks like, check out this obnoxiously kooky “rehearsal” video.

While we can’t see a bunch of grungy kids in Seattle putting down their real instruments to pick up Midi NES controllers, this is definitely a fun art project after the hearts of retro-midi tone music fans, and it’s actually doing pretty well in modern art museums. Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to Europe to attend any of the art gallery rehearsals or build your own to play.

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Via: Recyclism