Jet Bike Aims to Beat Land Speed Record

A man hopes to beat the world record for land vehicle speed using a custom ‘Jet Bike’ with a potential top speed of 450mph.

jet bike

Everyone wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Records, but how many people want to ride in a missile-like vehicle to do it? According to our source, a certain British engineer named Richard Brown hopes to mark his mark in history by beating the land speed record using a jet bike he designed called the Jet Reaction.

world speed record vehicle

The current record for land speed was set in 2010 by the tiny Ack Attack Streamliner, which hit a top speed of 376mph. In 1999 Brown almost made his mark in the books, but missed beating he then world record after one of his tires failed. Now he’s back in the game and hopes that his creation will be the first jet bike to enter the books.

jet bike engine

Powering the vehicle is a custom designed jet engine, one which Brown made from scratch out of a 930kw helicopter engine. It’s also equipped with an afterburner, that literally sprays fuel into the exhaust for a really insane speed boost.

Bikes and motorcycles have had some trouble hitting speed records, due to the difficulty in equipping a small two-wheeled vehicle with such a massive engine. Cars have had an easier time until now.

The bike will begin testing this month through March. Provided that the vehicle is actually safe enough to drive, Brown might be in luck when he makes his next attempt at breaking the world record.

I like driving fast as much as the next person, but there’s something about literally driving a missile that would make me worried.

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