Nintendo May Announce Wii U App Store

The latest news that will get all the gamers excited is that Nintendo is planning to launch an app store that would be exclusively available for Wii U users. Wii U store would offer apps that can be used right o the console, for example MLB.TV.

There would also be other apps that can be run independently on the controller. It is not clear how the app store would work in terms of payment and purchases. A few gaming insiders feel Nintendo might use a points system like it uses for WiiWare and DSiWare. Few others feel that Nintendo might opt for a pay-to-play system, similar to Apple. It is also not clear of Nintendo will allow third party developers to offer their applications.

Wii U is expected to be hugely successful with its shiny controller that comes with a 6.2-inch screen, resembling a tablet. Perhaps this is the reason many speculate that it would be able to run apps independently. People have also been worrying if the controller would be heavy and if it would interfere with gameplay because of its weight.

However, insiders have mentioned that it feels quite light for its size and that it does not interfere with gameplay. Moreover, the combination of a gyro-sensor and a touchscreen, and the way this combination interacts with your screen has kept most gamers waiting for teh time of revelation. With the latest news of an exclusive app store for Wii U users, things are only getting more exciting. One must wait and watch in order to learn more about the Wii U app store. We had earlier written an exclusive piece about how Wii-U fares and what we could expect from this much-talked-about device.  You could also go ahead and read how you could play Wii Games on Android.