Mysterious Corvette Batmobile Mod

Batman became one of the most iconic superheroes in history by doing two things better than any other dude in tights: being mysterious, and having the coolest gadgets in town. The mystery thing is obvious. He wears black, only works at night and hangs out in a secret, hidden cave. He strikes from the shadows and never hangs around long enough for anyone to twig who he may actually be. And while the dark secrecy stuff is all well and cool, it’s the second of his unique characteristics that make Batman a special favorite of the Geek community. In the words of his archenemy the Joker, “where does he get those wonderful toys?”

There are other heroes who are tougher, but no one has the gear that Batman does. From his batarangs to the batcomputer to the million other doodads he’s got tucked in his utility belt, Batman is the original iPhone. If there’s a particular bit of crime-fighting that needs doing, he’s got an app for that. And none of those gadgets are cooler than his jet black, souped-up ride, The Batmobile.

This isn’t the real one, of course, but some very talented car modder has built his very own Batmobile from a Corvette. It’s unknown whether it has all the bells and whistles of the original, but from the outside it has the sleek design and bullet-like precision of the original nailed.

Best of all, like the Dark Knight himself, no one knows who it was who built this. The pictures were sent in by another car modder Sonny Fenwick. But other than the fact he saw it in Florida, everything else remains a mystery. Perhaps, like  Batman, the courageous modder wishes to remain anonymous, waging his endless battle from the shadows and shunning the limelight. whatever the case, we salute the mystery man or woman who created this real life Batmobile.

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Via: Art Car Central