Join the Force’s 40th Year with 11 Star Wars-Inspired Finds

Here’s a fact: Star Wars is a classic. There is no need to argue about that. In every Star Wars franchise, I (and maybe other Star Wars fans, too) become ecstatic whenever the Star Wars Main Title music begins to play, together with the opening crawl. The first of this legendary saga was brought into theaters in 1977, which means that Star Wars is now celebrating its 40th anniversary! If you’re one of those Star Wars geeks, of course, you know that already.

Because Star Wars is classic and timeless, there won’t be enough merchandise for all fans. What better way to celebrate this milestone but to bring additions to your collection – may it be something for a display or a multipurpose item. Here are just some of the few items you may want to take with you:

Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set

It’s nice to have your lightsaber prepared for battle. The only difference is, with this lightsaber flatware set, you won’t slicing storm troopers into pieces, instead, you’ll do it in the kitchen.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

What’s the advantage of joining the dark side? You get to have more waffles. But seriously, eating waffles would be more fun if it has an interesting shape, right. How about gobbling up a Death Star waffle?

Star Wars Death Star Teapot & Mug

Why not compliment those kitchen tools with a cool teapot that’s shaped like the death star? Not only that, it can also serve as a mug. Getting this would be like hitting three birds with one stone since it’s perfect for Star Wars fans who enjoys a cup (or two) of tea.

Star Wars Rey’s Backpack

For the ladies, if you loved Star Wars seventh franchise, “The Force Awakens,” why not get a complete Rey look by getting this backpack?

Star Wars Jedi Belt

Thinking of having a Star Wars friends reunion? How about incorporating a Jedi belt into your outfit?

Custom Rey Star Wars Rey The Force Awakens Belt

Or, you can opt for this unique-looking belt that Rey donned in The Force Awakens. Cool, right?

Star Wars AT-AT 1/144 Model Kit

Meanwhile, the guys can have this AT-AT model kit. Similar to your favorite LEGO sets, it’s something you can enjoy assembling and later on, you can add it to your collection of Star Wars characters displays.

Death Star Mood Light

Wouldn’t you want to have a Death Star display in your room? I bet you do! In addition to having an amazing display, that gives off red and white lights, this Death Star mood light is also meant to make you feel a little more relaxed after a day’s work.

Storm Trooper 5-Panel Canvas

Why not add more character to your room or living area by installing a nice wall art such as this Storm Trooper Canvas set?

Star Wars Poster with Yoda’s Famous Quote

Or perhaps a wall frame that would remind you of a life mantra you got from no less than Master Yoda himself.

Star Wars Episode VII Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

Want another Star Wars inspired functional item? How about a Bluetooth speaker that’s beautifully crafted to look like a Millennium Falcon. With this, you’ll have an awesome display and a wireless speaker all in one!