Bring Back Your Childhood With This Juice Box Camera

There was a day and age where juice boxes were meant for refreshing and relaxing times while swaying back and forth from the park swing catching in all the activity going on and about.  Kids went down the slide on their bellies, people hung upside down from the monkey bars, and one child ran crying frantically to their mother because a bird pooped on their shoulder. All these nostalgic moments lost in your mind. If only there was something physical you could look back on in order to remember those times. If only that damn juice box was a camera as well!

While childhood memories are lost in the past, there is a chance to regain some of that innocent momentum with the whimsical Juice Box Camera from Photojojo.  Selling at $25, this nifty little carton gives you that opportunity to relive those carefree juice box days with this simplistic camera.

The camera is designed inside of a smiling apple juice box with a built in plastic lens and a push-in straw for the shutter. The camera itself requires no batteries which means you can’t change the settings like you would with an electronic camera. The 28mm wide angle lens allows each photo to be displayed with bold vignetting.

The camera itself makes no claims to being amazing or top of the line, but it does fulfill the qualities that buyers interested in this kind of product are most likely looking for.  It’s quirky, inventive, and nostalgic. It allows someone to take carefree photos without the hubbub of focusing, changes in lighting, or figuring out which button makes it zoom in. It allows the person behind the camera to enjoy the days of wasting those last few shots in their parent’s disposable Kodak camera for that childish feel. I, for one, will probably purchase this as a gift for my hipster sister.

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