The Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset

Do you use your cell phone a lot? While running chores and getting things done, are you chatting away at your mobile? If your answer was yes, then you are sure to find it hard to finish your errands with one hand or sandwich your phone between your shoulder and an ear, all the while straining your neck. Earphones are useful, but the wires are always a mess and keep getting tangled. There has got to be a solution to these woes, right? Well that is exactly what the Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset is. Convenient to use and handle and easy on the pocket.

These days, like it or not, with or without regulations, increasing number of people are using the phone even while driving. Using the Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset is the safety option for such circumstances. For one, it does not even require you to reach for your handset to accept, reject or end a call. This is done by Voice Activation and Control. And if you are thinking that you will still have to reach for it to have a glance at the Caller ID, then you will be happy to know that it also announces the contact who is calling you. Besides this, it also makes the battery levels known, network strength and availability, and set-up among numerous others. This way your hands are never off the wheel and attention diversion is kept to the minimum.

There is another woe of the Bluetooth Headset user. Using one means yet another gadget which is getting charged and battery levels you have to worry about. But Jabra STONE2 has that covered too. It comes with a portable charger that helps you charge the Headset on the go, as and when it runs low. There is also an additional advantage, which is that the charging gets done up to three times faster than usual- which would be about twenty minutes. Once fully charged, you can enjoy up to ten minutes of wire-free talk time using the Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset.

The last and perhaps the most thoughtful of innovations from Jabra regarding this Headset is the mic technology which cancels out background noise, so that your voice is heard by the person on the other end, crisp and clear. This addresses one of the most common complaints of using mobile phones on the go. Priced at a cool $129.99, it comes along with two pairs of ergo-based Eargels that make its usage all the more comfortable.

With Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset available, you can breathe easy. If you were impressed with this, also study MM04 Bluetooth Stereo Handset, Bionic Ear Headphone and Bullet Earphones.