Katniss Inspired Dress Released with $5,000 Price Tag

The designers at Calvin Klein must be fans of the Hunger Games with this recently designed Katniss-inspired dress that has a whopping $5,000 price tag.

Movie buffs and collectors everywhere can tell you that whenever a legendary movie comes out, especially in the sci-fi genre, it will leave its mark on many future generations. This includes the use of movie memorabilia. Superman costumes, Darth Vader Helmets, Star Trek pins and the like have never ever failed to become a cash cow for those looking to relive memories of their favorite movies through memorabilia. The latest movie to make it into the world of memorabilia is The Hunger Games. And while we can expect the outpouring of dolls, mimicked bows and arrows, and even a faux leather jacket or two, even some of the biggest names in fashion design are getting on this boat and trying to cash in on the fame of the movie.

The creative director at Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, surely must be a fan of this trilogy as he just released a new dress from the fashion house for its Spring/Summer 2012 line. This Katniss inspired dress can be yours too for a price of $5,000. The dress is currently available at the Net-A-Porter website. While it was designed before the movie came out, its likeness to the dress Katniss wore to the Reaping at the beginning of the movie led Costa to name this dress the “Katniss.”

Well, if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, we are sure the costume department is blushing. And even with this price tag, if it is as popular as the movie has been, it will definitely sell out in no time at all.

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