‘Cards of Legend’ Now For Pre-Order From Fangamer

Don’t pick any card! Pick these superb Legend of Zelda playing cards, now up for pre-order, instead!

Cards of legend Image 1

I can’t even remember the last time I held playing cards in my hand (What year was it when Clinton was president? I think that’s when.), but talented deviantART-ist Nelde’s Legend of Zelda cards are so darn awesome,  I would snatch them up like a ninja picking off an unsuspecting castle guard, instantly. And now for the price of $15 USD (shipping not included), you can grab a special deck of your own from respectable gamer-enthusiast outfitter, Fangamer.

Having honorable title of the Cards of Legend – oh, I quite like the ring of that – these seemingly traditional playing cards come designed with a subtle bevy of Zelda trappings. Nelde’s done an impressive job of incorporating major players from the famed Nintendo series, Ganon, Zelda, Link, and others – sorry, no Tingle to be found (thank bob) – into the King, Queen, Jack role, and even brilliantly replaced some playing card suits with recognizable Zelda hallmarks.

Cards of legend Image 2

Spades are now Triforces, Diamonds become Rupees, and Clubs turn into cute, mini-Master Swords. Hearts? Well, they stay hearts, duh.

Just imagine how cool it will sound to call out card names! “Yeah, well, I’ll see your Zelda of Hearts, and top it with a Link of Triforce! Read it and weep it, suckers! ” Haha! Yeah, my mind is so blown to the max by kick-ass-ness, duders.

To think, a couple weeks back these beauties were just digital concepts drawn up by Nelde, who’s other creations you really should check out by the way.  Now, they’re actual things you can buy, and from a company (Fangamer) that does some pretty spiffy gaming-related stuff already. A fine compliment that I can vouch for personally; their t-shirts are FAN–TAS–TIC! I happen to own a couple of them. Visit them if you’ve got the spare time (and cash).

Right now, the Cards of Legend are only for pre-order and won’t be available for shipping until May. If I were you, I would probably go ahead and do so accordingly if you’re really interested in them. Protip: most things on Fangamer tend to sell out in a flash!

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