A Tribute in the Form of The Hunger Games Fan Art

The Hunger Games will be hitting screen near your house in a few days, aiming, and probably will be succeeding in becoming the first real big hit of 2012. Everything that’s Twilight isn’t? That’s assuming too much, and it especially depends on how well the adaptation from book to film went, but it certainly isn’t 2 hours of romance, love and that kind of thing that makes you sick to your stomach.

So what is, or are, The Hunger Games? It’s the name of the first novel in the trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, followed by Catching Fire and Mockingjay which wraps it up. Highly succesful and anticipated, there’s already a sequel all booked up.

What’s it about? Well, a dystopian future, after some unknown apocalyptic event pretty much destroyed North America. In the nation of Panem we have the Capitol, surrounded by twelve, poorer, districts. Each year, there’s an annual, televised somewhat of survivor competition being held since a failed rebellion against the Capitol was squashed, resulting in the destruction of the 13th district.

As a tribute, a boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are selected from each district as a tribute in a lottery to attend the annual Hunger Games. It’s a battle royale, a bloody royal rumble if you will, with only one, living, survivor when it all comes down to it. It’s Big Brother with a more violent twist, although the books, and the movie, are directed towards teens.

As a tribute (tribute, get it?) we offer you up some of the best fan artworks from the trilogy, trying to stick to non-spoiler like stuff, which mostly revolves around the protagonist and the narrator of the story, Katniss Everdeen.