Keecker Video Projector Robot Is the Future of Home Entertainment Systems

Whether the future of home entertainment is represented by gigantic curved smart TVs or by projectors is arguable. Fortunately, tech companies are willing to give both options a try.

Pierre Lebeau, the former Google product manager who designed Keecker, claims that this video projector robot is some sort of butler, ready at all times to satisfy your entertainment needs. The robotic home theater is designed to run Android, but it will be controllable via apps running either on iOS or Android devices. A web interface that expands the control options even further is also in the works.

According to Lebeau, “KEECKER is truly mobile enabling you and your family to enjoy the highest quality entertainment wherever you want at home but also discover new ways of thinking about content, with no more constraints or limitations. KEECKER is opening a new dimension, merging the physical and the digital worlds for the first time.”

First of all, Keecker is designed to mirror the content displayed on a smartphone or tablet screen, but it also acts as a projector for external content. Secondly, Keecker would be great for spying on people. OK, maybe I should reformulate that so it doesn’t sound like it crosses any privacy boundaries. For starters, Keecker’s size (16 inches in width, 25 in height) and weight (around 30 pounds) make this robot anything but inconspicuous. However, it could be used from a remote location to see if the kids are in bed when it’s past their bedtime.

In terms of storage and autonomy, the developers of Keecker plan to include a 1TB hard drive and a battery that should keep the robotic entertainment butler up and running for the duration of 1,000 feature films. That might sound like a lot, but considering this robot’s size, I’m sure they have plenty of room for a hefty battery.

Keecker has yet to hit the market, and will (most probably) only do so if it gets the required funding through a soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter campaign. Should it get the funds, Keecker will become available to consumers at the end of this year, at a humble price point ranging between $4,000 and $5,000.

Entertainment aside, Keecker can also check some environmental parameters including, but not resuming to temperature, humidity, sound level, light level, and CO2 level. In other words, this robotic butler cares about your well-being in more than one way.

Give Keecker’s price, I only have one question: does it project in 4K?

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