Singtrix Smart Karaoke Machine Could Give You Singing Talent

Giving even the most tone deaf singers a chance at superstardom, Singtrix is a smart karaoke machine that could see its users rival even renowned singer Adele.

Singtrix image

Being unable to sing is something that plenty have experienced; the stark realisation that we could not be the next Adele, that we’ll never win a Grammy on our singing alone and that actually, a high flying Hollywood life of show-business and 6 figure tax returns just isn’t for us. But that need not be the case forever, as there could very well be a way to fix our pitching problem without a vocal chord transplant or vocal coaching from the music industry’s finest. That solution is said to be Singtrix, which is a ‘smart’ karaoke machine.

From the off, Singtrix ups your chances of sounding album worthy, by allowing you to use songs from your very own music library (Singtrix erases the vocals from the track for use) rather than forcing you into a rendition of the long-standing karaoke stalwart, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. After connecting your phone or your tablet to pick your song of choice, Singtrix then works its technology magic to help you on your way to sounding incredi-mazing by using its special audio technology to add effects to , such as changing your vocals to sound like a choir or having the pitch drop low enough to resemble Barry White’s, making your voice something fit for the radio.

The audio altering fun that Singtrix offers up doesn’t stop there however, as you can even create harmonies with your own voice, with the ‘hit’ button adding your voice into a track with four other copies of it, effectively letting you become a angelically singing one-person band. You can watch Singtrix in action at the link below.

Source: TechCrunch

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