It’s All Play and No Work on this Geeky Bar Counter

What does your keyboard remind you of? Definitely work. But not this one, if you happen to see it in on your bar top. This bit of recycling work takes the keyboard miles away from work and places it at one of the most unlikely places for you to enjoy – the bar counter!

The geeky bar top has been created, or should we rather say put together, to bring about a very unusual design. It is not a very sophisticated thing and can easily be classified in the one of the very easy DIY projects. All that you need is a couple of old keyboards. The larger the table top you want the more number of keyboards you require. Once you have the required number of keyboards, take some time out to pull out all the keys from each board. You end up having a pile of keys all ready to be rearranged as per your choice.

Placing the keys could be the fun part of the project. You could place them in any random order or take the effort to hide words within a huge maze. With words hidden at intervals the bar top could not only be a mere top but a part of the game. So while you are sipping away your drink you could also be looking for words. That is one top serving two purposes. If you wish to get a little more creative you could get keys of varying shades and colors and create your own unique design.

This is not the first time keyboards have been recycled to create completely new products. Over the years we have seen a number of products being created with these small keys. Isolated they hardly have any meaning but together they create magic. Items that have been given shape by them range from utility goods to designer ones. Some are created just for the sake of designing but are masterpieces in themselves. Take for example the viper created by Choi Jung Hyun or the QWERTY mosaic by Sarah Frost.

Products are being created at a very fast rate. With purchasing powers increasing, old is replaced by new within a very short span. This is particularly true with the electronic industry which has innovations happenings every single day. This leaves today’s product outdated tomorrow. So what happens to all that disposed electronic waste? Recycling is the best solution we have.

Being geeky has its own advantages. You wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy a geeky bar top design otherwise! There are few more geeky products that you might find amazing on this site – Geeky Ice Cube Trays, Geeky Lamp Designs and Geeky Belt Designs.

Via: Unplgged & Ready Made