New Keyboard Will Eliminate iPhone Touchscreen Typing

Some people are just all thumbs when it comes to the touch screen on the iPhone, missing letters and typing in the wrong ones. A new attachable QWERTY keyboard looks to change all that.

I was recently watching an old episode of Charmed (laugh now, but it was a good show), and in the early episodes you see what counted as a “cell phone” – a huge brick of plastic that would not fit in most purses today. I am thinking we have come a real long way since the days of phones big enough to cause harm to a person when smashed against their head. Now we have touchscreen phones, which are great; but quite possibly the biggest problem people have with them is the on-screen keyboard.

Well, a new Kickstarter project looks to provide a welcome change by offering a keyboard for all iPhone users. Known as the Spike keyboard, it rests on a hinge that can be attached to any iPhone cover. If you do not want to use it, simply swing it around to the back of the phone. There are no batteries required and there is no need for Bluetooth. The design of the keyboard matches the actual on-screen keyboard. Once you hit a key on the keyboard the pressure is then passed through onto the iPhone screen. And don’t worry, it isn’t all that bulky. But even so, it is a great trade off for those who do not like the on-screen keyboard.

If you are wondering if this keyboard is any good, keep this in mind – the prototype was recently awarded a “Top 3 Most Innovative Products” Award from the New York-based Consumer Electronics Association Show.

Right now the manufacturers are looking to achieve $75,000 in funding through Kickstarter so they can start mass producing the Spike keyboard.

And if you have an Android or a tablet, have no fear, as the manufacturers are looking to develop the same technology for these sometime in the future!

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