18 Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts the sky is the limit. There are so many of them that its hard to master them all, but knowing some effective ones can truly make your life easier while using your PC.

We all know some shortcuts like the Ctrl C for copy and Ctrl v for paste but there are so many cool ones that you should know that will truly transforms the way you work on your PC. Here are 18 awesome keyboard shortcuts you should get to know.


The following shortcuts will work best on Chrome but most of the time they will work on Firefox and Explorer as well.

“Ctrl T” – Will open a new tab

“Ctrl N + Shift” – Will open a window of chrome

Switch N with P + Ctrl and it will open a tab on Firefox and Explorer

“Ctrl +” – Will make your text size bigger

“Ctrl -” – Will make your text size smaller

“Ctrl 0”- Will reset your text size

“Ctrl pageup/pagedown” – Will skip between tabs


To activate your Gmail shortcuts you need to go to setting and change the “Keyboard Shortcuts” to On. On Gmail shortcuts just a single letter will be enough to active some cool functions

Press C – To open a new email

O or Enter – Will open a marked email

J/K – Will let you browse between emails

S – Will star an  email

Shift + 1 – Will make the email as spam


Microsoft is due to release Windows 8 later on this month and with it there will be some new and cool shortcuts, but for now lets check out some of the most useful shortcuts in Windows 7

Windows key – Open the Start menu

Windows key + Pause – Will start the computer’s settings

Windows key + D – Will minimize all of your windows so you’ll get your desktop view

Windows key + E – Will open “My computer”

Windows key + F – Will start a new search

Windows “+” and “-” – Will  zoom in zoom out

If you know any helpful shortcuts please let us know in the comment section below for more tricks and hacks check out our Hidden Google Talk Emoticons and Social Media Cheat Sheets.