The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time Documentary

The story of the arcade age, past and present, gets told in this 2013 video documentary.

The Space Invaders film image

Flipping through channels and reflecting on the landscape that is modern television, it appears to me that people really love watching other people finding super obscure stuff tucked away in the basements, attics, and garages of America.

So, this got me “a pondering” as The Brain from Pinky and the Brain would often do; a videogame equivalent of such a program would probably be a smash hit among the nerd crowd. And as luck would have it – and much to my future media empire chagrin – a group of dedicated arcade gaming enthusiasts have done just that.

Zoning in on the world of arcade machine collecting – sorry, no Billy Mitchell cameo in this one guys – The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time is a feature-length documentary coming in April 2013, which chronicles the history of the quarter-eating age of gaming and the passion of those still keeping it alive.

And to that I say, good on these filmmakers for approaching such a subject; I’m old enough to remember when arcades were truly special realms. Possibly near the end when the scene was starting to show signs of crumbling, I’ll admit, but not enough to where it lost all of its luster.

Not to me, at least. Collective memory wise, I keep going back to when I was a scrawny little kid, minding my own business, and suddenly being enchanted by a dark large corridor filled with the illumination of CRT screens flickering pixel-style graphics and a siren call of gaming sounds

Yes, I realize that I’ve told this story way too many times before, but hey, let a 20-something sentimentalist have his trip down memory lane. Okay? Thanks.

Hopefully, with The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time, the film will conger up the right amount of warm fuzzies from both me and anyone else who got into gaming through such arcade hits like Pac-Man, Missile Command, and oh yeah, Space Invaders. Heck, I’m getting them just by watching the trailer below.

The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time, a feature-length documentary about arcade game collectors from The Space Invaders on Vimeo.

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