KeySmart 2.0 with Bottle Opener & Nano Clip

The problem with carrying several keys inside a pocket is that you get to hear them jingle with every move you make. KeySmart 2.0 not only organizes them in a neat way, but also serves two more functions.

The first version of this minimalist keyring with maximum strength was featured on Kickstarter back in May 2013, and the crowdfunding campaign turned out to be tremendously successful, with backers pledging nearly 55 times the funding goal. Since then, the inventors of this highly-functional keyring have come up with several different versions that serve various purpose. Key organization remains the common denominator of all of these, as otherwise the name of the gadget wouldn’t make much sense.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon holding the KeySmart 2.0 in your hand is that it’s quite sturdy, despite being very light (0.73 oz for the KeySmart 2.0 and an additional 0.21 oz for the bottle opener). Some high quality aircraft aluminum frame accounts for the durable structure, while the hardware is milled from durable stainless steel. The included Nano Clip, which is equally sturdy, helps you secure the KeySmart 2.0 by attaching it to pockets, purses, or even backpacks, without having to worry about all the noise that a typical keychain would make.

Another aspect that sets the KeySmart 2.0 apart from other key organizers is the unique ‘S’ design that enables the gadget to accommodate twice the keys in half the space. Most importantly, this design gives you easy access to all of the keys, thus saving you plenty of seconds that you’d otherwise spend to see which is which. In fact, this key organizer has enough room for up to 8 keys, and the included loop can be used for latching the car fob, too. Moreover, the KeySmart 2.0 isn’t pretentious when it comes to key sizes, as it can be used with most flat keys that measure up to 53mm in length.

The included bottle opener is something that will prove its usefulness sooner or later. If you don’t need it, then other versions of the KeySmart key organizer may be more adequate for you. Still, considering the discount you’re getting in our store, you’re probably better off purchasing this model, as you don’t know when the bottle opener might come in handy.

If keeping things organized is something that brings happiness into your life, you can get the KeySmart 2.0 key organizer with bottle opener and nano clip from Walyou Deals for $21.99, which is 33% off the retail price. Also, if it makes any difference to you, the manufacturer takes pride in manufacturing the KeySmart 2.0 key organizer with bottle opener and Nano Clip in Chicago.

Available in black, blue, and slate, the keyring gets shipped for free all over the continental US. By placing an order now you make sure that it will be delivered between January 30 and February 2. Act now, as the deal will only be around for four more days!

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