Kickass Kick-Ass Headphones

Kickass was a great comic book, and a pretty good movie. It had funny jokes, awesome action scenes, and just enough self-awareness to rise above the ridiculousness of its premise. To celebrate the flick, has created a line of Kick-Ass inspired headphones.

They come in four models and retail for $29.99 each, there’s a group shot (shown above), and three based on individual characters. They’re a perfect accessory for today’s urban crime-fighter. Have a look and decide which one is for you.


The title character, Kick-Ass, is just a geeky kid who wants to make a difference. Sure, he gets pummeled pretty seriously once he takes up superheroing, but his heart and his fists are in the right place. These headphones are perfect if you’re an innocent idealist who spends your days with your head in the clouds and your nose in a comic book.

Suggested track to break them in: “I’m A Believer” by the Monkees


Daughter of the insane vigilante Big Daddy, Hit-Girl shares her old man’s love of rough justice. But unlike the old man, she hides her deadly proficiency behind a cutesy exterior. The Hit-Girl headphones are ideally suited for a woman who looks sweet on the outside, but still knows how to kick a little butt.

Suggested track to break them in: “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett (Hey, it worked in the movie!)

Red Mist

Misunderstood and sheltered by his mob boss dad, Poor Red Mist saw all the heroes having fun, so he decided they needed a villain. That, and he wanted to prove to his old man that he was hard enough to join the family business. These headphones are great for all those people who want to show the world just how tough they are. Even if it means dressing up in a skintight red latex suit to do it.

Suggested track to break them in: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper

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