Batman: Arkham Asylum Action Figure Set

Batman: Arkham Asylum made waves when it came out in 2009, so it’s hardly a surprise that memorabilia related to the game is in demand. The general consensus was that the collector’s edition goodies were sub-par, but these awesome action figures will certainly make up for them.

After releasing in late 2009, Arkham Asylum was praised with glowing reviews and the game also won multiple Game of the Year awards. Licensed games are rarely worth talking about, but Arkham Asylum was the Batman game that many of us had been waiting for. The use of voice actors from the 1990s animated series made it that much better. With the sequel, Arkham City, set to come out later this year, it’s time to look back on the original.

Batman Arkham Asylum Action Figure Set

The second set of action figures based on the video game are slated to release this month, and they are some good ones. Batman was part of the first series of figures, but we see him again in this one, this time sporting the armored outfit you unlock after beating the story mode. Bane is the second of the four figures, as freakishly musclebound as ever. Naturally, the figure also has the various tubes pumping the juice into his veins. Poison Ivy is next, wearing the same outfit she does in the game, if one can really call it that. More or less, she’s just wearing leaves and an undersized inmate shirt. Last up is Zsasz, who’s probably not on everybody’s wish list. Hardly in the same league of popularity as the other two villains included, he does at least make up for it by looking the part of the crazy inmate, complete with orange clothing and some chains and padlocks.

If you were a fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum and would like some cool action figures either for collection purposes or just to have hang out on your desk, you can’t go wrong with this pack. The four of them together will cost you $69.99, which isn’t bad considering they’re 6+” tall, articulated, and come with display bases. If you like these, you may also like these Cute Batman Action Figures, a Dark Knight Two-Face Figure, or even these Papercraft Video Game Characters.