German Kindergarten Built to Look Like a Humongous Feline

Thought that the lolcats are the last you’re going to see of the feline species on the Internet? Kindergarten Die Katze (literally The Cat) brings back the meowing characters in a different form.

This children’s school located in Wolfartsweier near Karlsruhe, Germany, was designed by artist Tomi Ungerer and architect d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel. Kindergarten Die Katze is the result of the operation “Europe Without Borders” and is supposed to be a symbol of the friendship between the German and French people (or rather between two neighboring regions from the two countries: Baden-Württemberg and Alsace).

The kids have to walk straight into the mouth of the cat each day, but I bet they’re not scared at all when they do that. The paws of the cat hide play areas, while the stomach includes the classrooms, coat room, dining room and kitchen.

From the inside, the round windows of the main hall, which is located on the second floor of the building, might not look like much. Yet, when looked at from the outside, it is clear that they represent the eyes of the cat. The top of kindergarten Die Katze has been decorated with grass that should resemble the fur of a cat in the children’s eyes.

Artist Tomi Ungerer, who has acted as a children’s ambassador for quite a while now, thought that the building should take the shape of his favorite animal, and judging by the pictures, I’d say that he did a really good job. Originating from Alsace, as well, Tomi Ungerer thinks that cats are smart and self-aware, as kids should be. The anatomy of the cat was used as a blueprint, but on in the inside, the kindergarten maintains typical functions. Die Katze provides room for 100 children, more than enough for a small community.

Of course, the cat wouldn’t be realistic if it didn’t have a tail. Tomi Ungerer and d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel came up with their version of a tail in the form of a slide that kids can use to get outside straight from the first floor of the cat-shaped kindergarten.

I’m pretty sure that this untypical children’s school will soon become a tourist attraction, as well. Now that these two creative people gave the start for creative buildings for kids, it’s time to see what other artists and architects have in mind.

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