Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Images Leaked on the Interwebs

On September 6, 2012, Amazon will launch its new versions of Kindle and Kindle Fire. As a marketing strategy, or maybe by mistake, images of the Paperwhite technology were leaked on the Internet.

Amazon had to come with a name for its latest technology. After all, everyone else on the playground had a fancy name for their display features: Apple has its Retina, Barnes and Nobles have their GlowLight. From a point of view, these names could be considered ways of luring the customers. Either way, Amazon decided to name its new display Paperwhite. All in all, the name is quite intuitive, as the display uses e-ink, fact that makes it resemble paper quite much, and the front light will be white, to make sure that the eyes of the readers do not get exhausted in no time.

As you can see, these images do not exactly give away a lot of details. It will be a totally different experience to hold the device in one’s hands, rather than seeing images on the Web. Word goes that the home button from below the display is no longer there. The color of this e-book reader has also been changed from light gray to graphite, which in my humble opinion is far more attractive. The buttons and the USB port are in their old places, so these are pretty much the only changes made by Amazon.

A curious thing is that the interface is in French. Amazon would make its fans a great surprise by launching the new Kindle concomitantly in the US and in Europe, but that is yet another thing Europeans dream about when it comes to this e-book reader.

The integrated light consists of a row of tiny lights that are attached around the display. The frontlit display is something a lot of Kindle users will be grateful for, since in this scenario they would no longer have to use external sources of light for reading at night.

Judging by the high contrast, one might conclude that the above images will be printed on the presentation papers that will come with the e-book reader. If the device itself had such a great contrast, it would be great. It remains to be seen on September 6 what Amazon has in store for us.

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