Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

Meet the MobileLite, Kingston’s latest wireless mobile device flash reader. When you think about future technologies the MobileLite is definitely one of those unique gadgets you should have. Don’t let its compact size fool you,  this beautiful, well-designed device packs some incredible features.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

First Impression

The MobileLite by Kingston’s is a handy card reader that works great with computers, smartphones and tablets.  It’s simple to use, compact to carry and gets the job done. Simply plug-in your USB drive or SD card and start transferring, add and view content easily and, of course, wirelessly. Kingston’s MobileLite has some extremely useful features, and after testing it out I think that the top 3 features I loved about this device were:

  1. The ability to stream multiple devices at once is a great feature, you can stream up to three devices to simultaneously, access files, watch videos and share with others.
  2. The MobileLite doubles as a charger to your smartphone or tablet – it’s always very handy to have an emergency charger for your devices.
  3. Extra storage and easy access – Since this device is compact and wireless, its super easy to access all your data – on the go

The MobileLite supports these following operating systems and devices: Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review 3 copy

Features & Specifications You Should Know

-You can Share data with up to three users simultaneously via Wi-Fi
-By using the MobileLite you get to free up valuable space on your phone/tablet
-The ability to read read SD card on the go (for example transforming photos from camera to  phone/pc wirelessly)
-The MobileLite comes with a rechargeable battery (up to 5 hours of continuous use)
-Supporting a wide of file formats such as:MP3, WAV,Video3, jpg, tif, pdf  and more Dimensions  124.8mm x 59.9mm x 17.3mm; 4.9134″ x 2.3583″ x 0.6811″ Weight 98g – Super light to carry
-Transfer files to and from the MobileLite Wireless app and the MobileLite Wireless hardware

Kingston mobilelite wireless reader and media streamer

Bottom Line

With a price tag of $44.99, The Kingston MobileLite is definitely a “buy”. Its smart and compact design makes it a great gadget. The price also includes one-year warranty, free technical support and a USB to micro-USB cable. Using the Kingston MobileLite app you can access the files on the device wirelessly so it’s pretty handy. If you are on the go, this is truly a must have gadget.