7 Ultra-Modern Kitchen Designs

The future is coming to a kitchen near you!

These seven futuristic kitchen designs are perfect for any modern geek’s home to make the hearth more than just a place to cook. Enter into a fantasy land with these kitchen designs that are sure to whet anyone’s appetite for a redesign.

1. A Sailor’s Dream Kitchen

Is this a boat kitchen or are you just dreaming of sailing off into the sunset again? This awesome kitchen design features a prominent boat island, complete with a white hull and smooth wooden deck. What makes this functional are the rounded drawers, perfect for stowing your pirate’s booty. Source.

2.The Liberty Project

Walk into the Jetsons’ home in this truly futuristic kitchen. This modular kitchen is space efficient and sleek, and integrates a water recycling system … all while being wheelchair friendly. Source.

 3. Ekokook Future Kitchen Design

This compact kitchen backs all of the essentials and spots for them. Plant your herbs above the kitchen island and store your wine – your set for a dinner party in your studio apartment! Source.

4. The Round Design

This round kitchen concept is a great space saver … just don’t get dizzy from running around in circles. Source.

 5. Space Saving Kitchen Concept

Speaking of space-saving, this kitchen design offers ultimate functionality … but may not be the best for the aspiring chef. Although the in-counter fridge that pops out upwards is totally cool. Source.

 6. A Sustainable Kitchen

If you’re going green, then you may want to go blue and white in your kitchen. This sustainable kitchen concept is great if you want to be environmentally conscious, but may only work in the long-run if you’re going vegan. Source.

 7. Oulin Kitchen

Entertain in your spaceship – er, home – with this sleek, futuristic kitchen design. Source.