Happy Pi Day: How to Celebrate One Seriously Irrational Holiday

One day when even non-math geeks can get into the spirit of numbers, Pi Day comes around every March 14th … and we want to wish you a Happy Pi Day & pass on some of our celebration tips.

How to Dress for Pi Day

Put on your best pi tie over your pi shirt and don’t forget to go get inked up with a cool pi tattoo.

How to Eat for Pi Day

Eating pie on pi day may sound cliche, but it sure tastes delicious. Check out some cool pi pies for inspiration. Once you’ve made your pi pie, place it into your classy pi dish set upon a pi shaped cork trivet. Rather go for a pi pizza pie this year? Dig out your pizza pi cutter and grab a slice! Just be sure your soda glass is filled with pi ice cubes.

How to Decorate Your Home for Pi Day

Be on time for the party (~3:14 pm sharp-ish!) with this sweet pi clock. Spending the day in solitude to express your serious nerd-itude? Hop into the shower for a hot one, but make sure you use your pi shower curtain for privacy … just in case that friend of yours (hah!) shows up.

Happy Pi Day! Check out last year’s post for even more cool Pi inspiration.