Klipp: The Flip Cam of the Future

Many people with a limited interest in videography know about the popular and affordable Flip Video Cameras. As far as portable technology, those are the most popular ones around. But during CES 2011, a concept camera design for a WVIL model camera was showcased, which inspired freelance designer Mac Funamizu to create his own.

This camera looks very sleek in design, and is meant to be for amateur photographers. It works like a point and shoot with interchangeable lenses. And the nice thing about the lens is that it works wirelessly and doesn’t dock anywhere in particular on the camera.

There’s a clip on the lens that you can attach to the camera, and no matter where it is placed, it will transmit the image that it sees through a wireless signal to the camera.

Of course, as a concept we don’t get much information about its technical specifications and without that, its kind of hard to make any real judgments. However, there is enough to say that the camera looks pretty cool, and probably has a good number of features including a touch screen, the wireless and interchangeable lens,  and a pretty decent view screen.

The lens works with a clip that opens up and attaches to any point on the outer frame of the camera, and it has auto-rotation to switch between landscape and portrait photography. It looks like it might include the same features as the WVIL camera does as well, meaning direct-to-web connectivity to upload images straight to Facebook and possibly video recording. The concept itself is something to keep an eye out for. My only question is, with a camera that seems to be that small, where are we going to make room for batteries and memory. Still, if something can be made of this, it would definitely be a task worth undertaking.

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