Underabove Camera Snaps Shots Above & Underwater

It does definitely sound magical when they say it is possible to bring two scenes, not visible to naked eye at the same time, into one. Scuba trips are something that most look forward to during their vacations. What makes them all the more exciting are the pictures taken while diving in the water. Well, in normal times, you can either click a picture under water or above the water. But would it not be twice the amount of fun if one could capture the scenes above and under water in the same click?

Designer In Kyung Han has come up with the new contraption Underabove! Like the name suggests, this camera promises you a capture of what is happening above and beneath the water surface at the same time. The basic purpose behind this creation is to enable the camera to click in various dimensions simultaneously. It is designed in such a way that the upper half of the camera fits in air and the lower half slots in water and this incorporation helps the contraption stay buoyant on water.

This device works on the simple scientific concept of buoyancy. The principle states that, when the gravitational push from upwards and the liquid pressure from downwards are the same; the object in question tends to float. The camera has a symmetrical shape and is made out of polypropylene. This material of weight 0.91 is lighter than water of weight 1.03 and hence floats and thus the device, Underabove, floats!

Like any other camera, this one here too has a LCD screen display through with which you can view the sceneries, be it underwater or above water, and also to view the pictures clicked. Also, a timer wheel which enables you to capture self portraits is a part of its mechanism. It has two wide angle lenses fixed, one for capturing the scenery above water and the other for the underwater scenery. Moreover, the flash and shutter mechanisms have also not been missed out.

Injection parts on both upper and lower bodies of the camera have been provided for. The upper injection part helps the air seep in that will help float the camera and the lower one will let the water seep in that will help sink the camera below. This buoyancy helps the camera stay stable while capturing clicks of dual subjects.

Gear up and get set to capture and bring together the beauty of two worlds at once.

Wow! Now I can’t stop imagining how exciting my next adventure is going to be if I get hold of this camera! However, I have also liked few other concepts of Chobi Camera G200 and 360 Panoramic Camera.

Via: Yanko Design