Store Your Books in Style with Konnex Bookshelves

There is no shortage of interesting bookshelf designs, with companies throwing out awesome, quirky ideas fairly often. You may be familiar with some already, such as the Tetris Bookshelves, Pac-Man Bookshelf, and these awesome Bookshelf Speakers. Each of these ideas lets you display your book collection proudly, while also serving as a way to express your own artistic tastes. As great as those three are, I don’t think they can quite compare to these awesome Konnex bookshelves by Florian Gross and produced by Müller Möbelwerkstätten.

As the name suggests, these bookshelves connect in an ingenious way. The square shelves have slots which allow them to interlock with each other, allowing you to turn these seemingly boring squares into a geometric work of art. This also allows you to create shelves of different sizes and shapes depending on how you interlock them, letting you use shelves for smaller or larger items rather than just books. Potted plants, knick-knacks, and more can easily fit into some of the blocky shapes you create. This is the kind of design that would look fantastic in an apartment or other relatively small area, giving plenty of varied storage space and being a very unique focus of attention.

Konnex Interlocking Bookshelves 1

Konnex Interlocking Bookshelves 2

Konnex Interlocking Bookshelves 3

Konnex Interlocking Bookshelves 4

My favorite, and very geeky, idea would be to turn these square shelves into a sort of Venn diagram, organized by genre. One square might be for science-fiction while another could be for fantasy. The area in which they overlap could cover books which delve into both genres. Likewise, other crossover genres like historical fantasy or sci-fi mystery could find their own homes. Certainly, you could come up with your own interesting idea on how to best utilize these shelves. If you’re interested in purchasing a set of your own, three squares of varying shapes will set you back 498€ ($653).

Via: Design Milk