DZDock Will Make You Hate Yourself And Life More Manageable

We’ve seen just about a million variations of docking accessories for your iProducts, Android devices and even e-readers, but Zlab’s DZDock is no doubt the most simplistic piece of metal you’ll ever hope to contract Tetanus from.

With the look of something useless you’d find at Staples combined with the variety of colors Crayola offers, this piece of aluminum is the slapped-forehead of every patent-less, “Why didn’t I come up with that?” crackpot inventor on this planet. Not to mention that DZDock was literally designed by an 11-year-old and his father (DZ = Dino Zaharakis, son of Steven Zaharakis).

DZDock lineup

The dock is getting a huge following right now due to its young inventor and universal purpose–to hold nearly any touchscreen device in place, all the while keeping the cord out of your way. The uni-body metal frame has a slit in the middle and down the back of the dock for genius cord management. This allows you to set down and pick up your device from the dock without removing the cable. It honestly looks pretty slick. Also, it works with or without a case and can cradle your device in either position (landscape vs. portrait), although it’s clear the wire management feature doesn’t apply to landscape. Zlabs especially recommends the dock for video conferencing. Overall, we think the product is a great investment, especially if you have a lot of smart phones/tablets/e-readers lying around your house.

You’ll also want to check out the hilarious DZDock ad/trailer below for a good chuckle. Apparently it’s won “The Wire Management Award” this year …

The DZDock is manufactured right where it was invented (near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), and they run $29.99 a piece. You can grab the nifty product through the Zlabs website or on Amazon. Even better, you don’t have to feel guilty for buying yet another product from China and start the year fresh by stimulating the U.S. economy.

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