The “Displays of Affection” Camera

Love and affection! Feelings that flow out unconditionally! Puzzling it is to think what made you love someone or something and it’s even more puzzling to figure out when all this happened. But these feelings often go unsaid or unexpressed in fear of non acceptance and hence isolation.Well, Helge Fischer has come up with the conceptual device called the ‘Displays of Affection,’ which actually lets you express your feeling to your loved ones. This device is surely going to come across as a blessing to those who want to caress and pamper who they want.

John Baird pioneered in the last century in capturing images that moved and used them in television production, giving the viewers a more real time experience. The device, Displays of Affection, is nothing but a video camera through which you view and follow your loved ones or even strangers and express you affection. Two simple but great technologies have been put together to make this contraption possible for you. The need for magnifying images, such as in telescopes, gave way to the invention of zoom lens, which happens to be one of the technologies used in ‘Displays of Affection.’ The camera has been provided with a lens that zooms 70 times into the reality, which makes it all the more convenient to get ‘close’ to and follow whoever you want to. The next technology that has been fused along with this device is a touch screen that is incorporated into the device.

‘Not to deny, each one is highly involved in one’s own life that they rarely take out time to spend with loved ones or to express feelings’ – a perfect excuse to adapt and accept the Displays of Affection notion. No one will get as much satisfaction from being close in proximity and expressing your feelings than from writing letters or a video or audio call. Also, what happens if your target is a stranger and you want to feel them? Isolation and lawsuits would be the end results for one who longs to do such. So, use the Displays of Affection, zoom, focus, follow your target, and suit yourself by gratifying your yearning by stroking them. Have no fear of being cast off and dejected.

Creepy but don’t feel weird about it. This is something we all do virtually like ‘poking’ through social networking sites but the Displays of Affection will definitely give you a more real feeling to it.

If this was something bizarre, how about a Virtual Piano and getting a Da Vinci XBox experience?

Via: Gizmodo