Artistic Voice? The Konstruct App Is For You

When Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire,” I doubt this is what he had in mind.

James Alliban created this iPhone app as an “investigation into Generative Art in an Augmented Reality environment.” Augmented reality is still a fairly new technology trend, but Alliban has added an artistic twist. The Konstruct app allows the user to create three-dimensional sculptures on their phone. As if creating sculptures using augmented reality wasn’t amazing enough, the Konstruct app user creates the art just by speaking. Voice activated augmented reality sculptures seem like too much to handle? Check out the video below.

In his video, Alliban demonstrates just how insanely cool this app really is. Not only does it create voice-activated art, but the art is fully customizable with different colors, different shapes, different sizes, shape frequency, and the list goes on. You may think this app should cost a few dollars in the iTunes store, but the Konstruct application is completely free.

All users have to do is download the app, go to the accompanying app web page, download the marker, whip out their iPhone camera and start speaking.


While games and tools have been the primary focus in the AR world, Alliban takes your artistic flare and his keen technical skills to mash together awesome graphic images. Some of the sculptures created by app users can be found on the KonstructApp Flickr stream. Download the app, create art and send your pictures in.


Alliban states in his video description that an iPad 2 version is planned for the coming months. While one of these sculptures may be far from an image hanging in the Museum of Modern Art, James Alliban has given anyone with an artistic voice the ability to create.

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Via: Wired and James Alliban