Korean Crab-like robot hits the sea for shipwrecks and data

Shipwrecks beware, this car-sized robot crab devised by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology is out to seek and plunder your loot. 


Sea exploration remains one of the most fascinating things we can do, and despite having sent countless missions in space, it’s a wonder that we haven’t even checked out our own planet all that much. With that being said, this new robot is bound to help mankind pick up the slack on the seabed, and make the most out of the technology it’s spawned from by exploring shipwrecks and gathering parts as well as data from these often mysterious sunken vessels. While it may not be treasure and epic loot, this data could provide crucial research information and serve as a stepping stone to learning some more about the murky depths of our oceans.

The robot itself boasts some cool features, like the ability to front-load any pieces it picks up, as well as the ability to tether-charge it via long distance to keep it running for missions that may require some extended time underwater. An impressive list of features for this mechanical imitation of a real life crustacean. You can check out a video of the crab itself in question right here.

While you may not be able to flip this historically-inaccurate crab over for massive damage, you can expect to see some kick-ass results from the Korean engineering team putting it to the test in the near future. With any luck, the field of underwater exploration will start seeing a bit more hype, and we might just get a better scope into the weird world that lives in the deep. Just don’t expect Cthulhu to show up any time soon, it’s probably not happening.

Source: Dvice

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