LabStrip iPhone App Can Make Scientists out of Everyone

We usually think of scientists as people in white coats doing their geeky work inside boringly cold and sterile laboratories. Not everyone thinks science is fun. But imagine a way you can turn your iPhone into an interesting and practical mobile science laboratory. This idea is what triggered Cas Hoefman and Brian Noland to create the LabStrip system. And the cool thing about it is that it can make scientists out of everyone — no lab coats and PhD’s required.


The LabStrip system includes a meter which is the cradle/reader for the iPhone, a kit with test strips used for taking samples, and an iOS app which reads the samples and compiles them into useful data. As the project is still in its early phases, the team behind LabStrip hopes to generate enough sponsorships for mass production, so that the system can be used to enhance science education in schools as well.

How does it work? For instance, you want to check the pH of the water in your fish tank. You take a test strip, dip it in the water, then insert it in the meter attached to your iPhone. Within seconds, the LabStrip app takes a reading and shows the numerical value of the water pH level. Similarly, the data can be saved and updated again and again, so the you can monitor the fish tank pH as necessary.Currently, the LabStrip can measure pH, chlorine content, as well as salinity.

labstrip 2

Another proposed application of LabStrip can be in the field of meteorology. Picture dozens to hundreds of LabStrip units taking rain pH samples from various parts of the country. Once all their data has been collected, the info can be stored on the Anywhere Science Cloud, and similarly used to produce an accurate and timely summary of rain pH patterns across the US. The team behind LabStrip also hopes to expand the use of their product in the food industry, medicine, and more.

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Via: Tree Hugger