Creepy Lab-Grown Burgers for $345,000

Say hello the world’s very first 100% lab-grown burgers. They look creepy, come in a petri dish and can be yours for only $345,000 each.

lab grown burger

According to our source, the less than appealing looking burgers are some of the world’s first fully lab-grown meat. Made from synthesized animal stem cells that were harvested from slaughterhouses, scientists have started growing the cells and promise that burgers won’t be too far off.

Apart from being grown in a petri dish, the meat has a few things that seperate it from your average burger. First, it contains no blood and no fat. To keep it lean, scientists “exercise” it by stretching it between two tabs of Velcro. With the help of some 3000 of these strips of meat being combined with synthetic fat, by the year’s end it will be possible to sit down and enjoy a burger that didn’t come from an animal.

lab grown meat

Only, it will cost you around $345,000. A little expensive, but then again, you’re going to be the first person alive to eat one of these.

Despite the fact that the meat currently looks like gross moth-balls covered in maple syrup, I think this is a pretty neat achievement. If it becomes possible to make burgers and other meat products without the need to harm an actual animal, it might throw a big curve ball into the whole ethical discussion regarding the meat industry.

If anything, if these become affordable, the meat industry as we know it could become a thing of the past. Considering how much money and resources that currently go into sustaining out worldwide hunger for Big Macs and the like, in the long road we could be looking at a far more cost efficient way of feeding hungry Americans.

Though, a part of me can’t help but feel a little bit creeped out by the concept of growing artificial meat in labs. Having just watched Soylent Green last week, I feel a little bit reserved about any meat based product that comes from a lab.

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