Can’t Afford to Buy A Lamborghini? Build Your Own

A mechanic in China was tired of not being able to afford top end, luxury cars. Rather than scoffing around, he took part in a huge DIY project to build his own working Lamborghini.

I wish I could afford to live in the lap of luxury – have a huge home with a closet the size of my current apartment, a car for each day of the week, and a butler with a thick British accent who would be at my beck and call. (His name would be Jeeves, by the way, because how can you have a butler who is not named Jeeves?!) But alas, I do not. And try as I might, my costume jewelry is not made out of expensive gemstones and I do not even have one car to my name. A lot of people are in the same situation as me. But while most of us stew in our jealousy of the rich and famous, others look to take action. And no, I am not talking about robbery or living above one’s means, but taking part in DIY projects that would get them one step closer. Take Chinese mechanic Wang Jian, who built a working replica of the Lamborghini Reventon.

And while the outside looks like a Lamborghini, the inside is not as plush. In fact, the motor is made from pieces of a Volkswagen Santana and a Nissan. And the car is not yet complete as it is still missing windshields and headlights. But do not let the look fool you because it actually does run. The replica car can hit speeds up to 160 mph.

It makes sense that it hits this kind of speed as the car is made using just scrap metal. But though it reaches high speeds, there is no way you would find me in this car. Try as one person might, it does not look very safe at all. But koodos for the effort. I wonder how much the car is to insure??

(Via: Geekologie)

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