Portable Laptop Case That Converts Into a Desk While on the Go

There are a few health risks associated with holding a notebook in your lap for prolonged periods of time, so if you ever stumble upon a laptop case that turns into a desk when necessary, don’t hesitate to buy it.

The heat generated by a notebook while in your lap is not that good for your funny bits, especially if you’re a man. On top of that, scientists have discovered that the electromagnetic fields surrounding such a device can be harmful for pregnant women and their fetus. Carrying a stand around isn’t really an option, since it’s yet one more thing to carry besides the laptop case, not to mention that these can be quite heavy and cumbersome.

French designer Thibaut Rouganne seems to have found the solution to this problem. Envol, the laptop case that turns into a foldable desk keeps the heat away and decreases the effect of the electromagnetic fields.

Envol’s shell is made of polypropylene, so that any physical impacts won’t harm the notebook. This material is not only resistant to physical shocks, but it’s also very light, so you wouldn’t feel a much noticeable difference than when carrying the laptop alone.

Rouganne’s design also includes two curved plywood legs that can be used for elevating the surface on which the laptop stands to a reasonable height. After doing so, people can use their notebook effortlessly.

People also have the option to leave the legs in their default position, so that they use the case on a flat surface. In this scenario, the heat emanated by the notebook won’t damage the surface, and presumably, there will be some room left under it for proper ventilation.

Underneath the surface where the laptop would usually sit, there are several compartments for storing any peripherals that are required when using the notebook. Even though it is also possible to store eyeglasses in one of those compartments, I’d advise you not to, as the heat might damage the frame.

Other than that, Envol is a very practical laptop case that would certainly appeal to a great number of people. It’s not only highly functional, but also well designed. An alternative to using it in tandem with a heat-generating laptop would be to get an ultrabook. Despite their higher price, these tend to stay at a reasonable temperature, most of the time.

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