Largest Lollipop in the World that No One Can Suck

There is always a phallic obsession among humans and this is usually documented in our penchant for lollipops.

One of the best examples is this 7,003 pound lollipop that is also being touted as the world’s largest. This 2.5 ton mega lollipop is chocolate flavored and is not going to be very popular with those who love candy.

There is no way someone can suck on this lollipop unless it is broken into small pieces, and that would render building such a mammoth lollipop useless. Probably it is an unconscious desire to possess the largest phallic symbol ever created by mankind that is also edible.

If that were the case, they probably should have chosen a better flavor at least. The candy has been launched as a promotional prop by See’s Candies.

On a serious note, I would not mind a chunk of this mammoth candy as I do believe that no candy can taste bad as long as it is sweet. You might also want to take a look at the Caramel Dragon Lollipop that we had featured sometime ago. The Maple Bacon Lollipop is caffeinated and may be a great way to make sure that you stay awake when you are doing your monotonous chores in the office.